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HomeFront Solutions Inc. is a multi-faceted home renovation company. We specialize in a wide variety of construction, contracting and handyman services, which are available for residential and commercial properties.

We are committed to providing a full spectrum of construction contracting, and handyman services. We value our customers and build relationships based on trust and high quality craftsmanship.

The core of our business is based around providing a one-stop shop for large and small construction, repair and installation work. Whether a home needs electrical work or a business needs a machine repaired, HomeFront Solutions can handle any job, and we complete contracts with honesty, integrity and a high quality finish.

Our Core Values

At HomeFront Solutions we provide general contractors for any job required. We turn your renovation’s vision into a reality. We work with our customers every step of the way, hiring the subcontractors and trades that are needed to deliver high quality results. We take the stress out of renovations and building by providing our expertise and knowledge, and by listening to our customers’ ideas and bringing them to life.

Our Services Include

  • Renovating homes and businesses
  • Windows, Doors and Shutter building and installation
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation (residential and corporate)
  • Roof Repair
  • Electrical work including: panels, wiring, switches and outlets
  • Concrete and Brick Work
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Flooring including: tile, hardwood, and vinyl floor installation

Our services include work for both corporate and residential clients. There is no job too big or small for our team.

Our Guarantee

  • Your projects will be completed on-time and under budget
  • We use the most cost-effective process possible to complete your job
  • Friendly, polite and courteous contractors
  • We protect your property and take the precautions necessary to keep the worksite as clean and uninterrupted as possible.
  • We will exceed your expectations
  • Honesty, integrity and a great value

We are a one-stop contracting service that can be hired for a large job, or multiple small, handyman jobs. Our reputation as an honest contracting service, with integrity, has been reinforced time and again by repeat business and enthusiastic customers. We always welcome an open line of communication to discuss project ideas, to receive estimates and to learn more about why HomeFront Solutions is the contracting service for your next project.

HomeFront Solutions Inc. Provides Services for

  • Private residences
  • Businesses
  • Public Properties (government, healthcare)

HomeFront Solutions is a team of licensed and experienced professionals. Every job has a high-level supervisor managing the work and is available at any time to answer questions. We are a full-service company. This means that we will take care of every aspect of your project, from hiring the subcontractors, to looking into city building permits. You don’t have to have renovation experience to extend your home or knowledge of the brands and parts in your business’s equipment. Our aim is to make your renovation or repair as stress-free and seamless as possible.

HomeFront Solutions is a fair and honest service. We discuss costs upfront, and always let our customers know what time and day to expect us, and when the job will be complete. We guarantee the products that we use, and any repairs or installations that we make, so our customers know that we are 100% behind the work services we provide. We never leave a job site until our customer is completely happy with their building project. Our customer’s satisfaction is a reflection of our success, we work hard to keep reputation as one of the best contracting teams available for hire.

There is no construction job too big or small. Ask us for a free estimate on your building project today. If you need a contractor for any building or renovation job and want an honest, professional and affordable service, contact HomeFront Solutions Inc.

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