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I have a disabled (Special Needs) member in my family. How can HomeFront help me?

We do everything from wheelchair access ramps, to bathrooms with roll-in showers and even whole house adaptations. We form a plan to help not only the special needs individual, but to improve the lives of those who care for them, and other members of the family.

Can I complete some of the work myself?

We won’t stop you! If you have electrical or a plumbing experience and want to do some of the work on your own that is fine. However, we would include in our contract a disclaimer for any of the work undertaken by you in your home, and would not guarantee any of the work, fittings or fixtures you have worked on.

HomeFront Solutions will also not be held accountable for damages that may occur following a fault in any of the work that you have completed. For example, water damage to drywall following a leak in a plumbing fixture you have fitted.

Can I do my own painting and finishing?

Yes, but we know and work with the highest quality of paint and equipment for a very professional result. After an entire building or renovation project the painting process, completed by a professional is well worth it, to achieve the best final result. We highly recommend using our painting services but it is your project and completely up to you.

Can I buy my own materials and have you install them?

Yes, but we prefer to use our own materials because HomeFront Solutions fully guarantee the work and materials we buy and install in your home. If you provide the product we will guarantee the installation but not the product so any defects or issues will not be covered under our contract.

If progress on the project stops because of the time it takes to replace a faulty item that you have supplied, and we cannot reasonably divert and continue with another part of the project, we may charge for that lost time.

It is extremely important that we know and are confident in the quality of the products we fit. We know our suppliers and what parts we need for the job. If we fit an item and it is found to be faulty it will be replaced or repaired at no extra cost to the client.

Are changes allowed during construction?

Yes. You are the boss and if something isn’t working for you then we do everything we can to get things the way you want it. Sometimes this happens, as things may look differently than you pictured it, or you get an idea after building has already started. Obviously, it’s better to realize these things before the project is well underway and backtracking or removing work that has already been completed will likely be do-able at an additional fee but it can be done.

How many clients do you work for at a time?

Our team never takes on more work than we have time and workers to handle. We would much rather finish projects quickly and exceed expectations, rather than take a long time to complete the work and do so feeling overworked, or having our team stretched all over the city. When you sign on with us we are committing to your job 100%.

Of course, there are times when we will be doing smaller jobs in the morning or evening before or after working on a large project but we are never juggling more than one large project at a time.

Do you offer help with colors, materials, and other aesthetic decisions?

Yes, we can help in any way that we are able. We worked on many homes with varying tastes and styles. We are familiar with what works best and would be happy to offer our suggestions and advice.

What is your planning process?

At HomeFront, we take our planning process very seriously to ensure that we are completely organized and ready to efficiently work on your project.

A well-planned and coordinated project produces the best results. This includes product research, design work, purchasing and sequencing jobs to make the best use of time. We want our work to surpass your expectations.

Are you available for businesses?

Absolutely, a lot of our jobs are on corporate sites. We offer building, repairs, maintenance and installation. Contact us to find out how we can provide the ideal partnership for your business.

Do you do small jobs?

Yes, we never turn down a project. We get hired for simple handyman work all of time, or just to install a fixture. There is no job too big or small for us!



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